Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windsor's Saturday.

Windsor had a great Saturday. First, after a super-nutritious breakfast of a chocolate chip waffle, a nectarine, and a graham cracker, he read some books.

Later in the morning, he apparently tried to wrap a present for my birthday, but I walked in. He acted cool and pretended to just be playing with the paper.

Then he crawled up in my (hot pink $7 Ikea) office chair to do a little work.

He participated in an important video conference featuring his colleagues, Kermit and Elmo.

Windsor also delighted me today by kissing me whenever I asked. Big sloppy baby kisses completely make up for all ill deeds (such as throwing food on the floor or snatching my glasses off my face). I guess I'll keep him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pool Time.

Mimi and Pops came down last weekend and brought Windsor an awesome swimming pool. While there was no swimming, there was lots of standing around in it. Standing around WITH GIANT HAIR, that is.

Know what's fun? Biting Daddy's leg.

In other news, my days are numbered. Someone has figured out the basic concept of doorknobs.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spaghetti Western.

I finally charged my camera battery! But now my computer is acting stupid. I was only able to get this one photo uploaded here, but hopefully it will tide you over.

This is Windsor enjoying a bowl of spaghetti last night--only he doesn't like spaghetti noodles, so he had curly egg noodles instead. Note: He is only wearing a bib and a diaper.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Photos, But Ten Stories Instead.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My camera battery is dead and I haven't been able to remember to recharge it! As such, Windsor's many moments of cuteness are just passing me by. But here are ten recent events/achievements in the House of Win:

1. Windsor is getting really good at climbing up on things. I know I should discourage it, but I'm kind of proud of him. He can climb up into the red chair in the living room and, with the assistance of his favorite blue chair, can crawl up on the twin bed in his room. This is why I keep the blue chair in the center of the room now, to prevent this. However, last night he picked up the chair and moved it over to the bed! I might as well just give him some stilts and a skateboard and maybe a book of matches to play with.

2. In order to keep me on my toes, Windsor has decided to love certain foods one day and then act as if they are poison the next. Earlier this week he ate about 900 green peas like they were candy. The next day Lulu happily gobbled them up as they flew off the high chair tray. His favorite things to eat, though, are fruits of almost any kind (bananas, apples, pineapple, and especially nectarines), peanut butter slathered on anything, and raisin toast.

3. He can high five like a champ.

4. His teacher reports that when she says, "Windsor, get down!" when he is standing on top of the table, he says "get down" right back at her. I haven't heard this because, ah, I have never told him to get down.

5. He knows what "be sweet" means! When he was banging on Lulu's head with a plastic shovel and I told him to be sweet, he started stroking her head with it instead.

6. Windsor recently came to the defense of his buddy Katherine at school. (In the infant room, he and Katherine were BFFs and were recently reunited in the big kids' classroom.) His teacher reported that Katherine and another baby were fighting under a table (?) and Windsor said "ARRRRRRRGH" and charged the other baby. I'm not sure I approve, but it's certainly interesting.

7. Speaking of baby fighting, Windsor got bitten yesterday. It was a perfect dental imprint. I took a picture and we will be submitting it to the State Crime Lab for identification. Actually, there wasn't even a mark on him this morning, so it wasn't that bad at all.

8. He is fond of opening the kitchen drawers and giving all the contents to Lulu. This week she received some cupcake liners, an Etta James cd, and some bibs. I'm sure she appreciated those! I complained that there weren't many drawers in this house when we moved I'm glad.

9. Each Friday is Water Day at school, and all the babies don their swim diapers and bathing suits and get in the baby pool. Um, except Windsor, because he HATES IT and screams the whole time. I know this because there is a photo display on the wall at school and he is crying in all of them. I'll have to steal one to show you all.

10. 95% of the time, Windsor is still the happiest dude on the planet. During that other 5%, however, he can be calmed by giving him one object: his toothbrush.

I will get that battery charged soon, I promise!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Recap.

Recently, Windsor has:

Eaten pizza:

Thrown a bunch of Mommy's books on the floor:

Worn a new outfit:

Graduated to vacuuming:

Not shown: meeting his new friend Tchula (and terrifying her), giving high-fives, hiding in the closet, and feeding Lulu his dinner.