Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Update!

Merry belated Christmas!

Windsor and I flew to Dallas last Sunday for a few extra days before Jeff was able to leave on Wednesday. It was quite a feat flying with Windsor (and all his stuff) by myself, but I pulled a Blanche DuBois and relied on the kindness of strangers. Thanks, bald guy who broke the stroller down to go through security and then put it back together on the other side; thanks, nice older lady who held Windsor while I got my stuff together on the plane; thanks, Southwest employee who carried my bag onto the plane in Houston; and thanks, young girl who helped me maneuver the stroller down the stairs because THE ELEVATOR WAS BROKEN AT THE DALLAS AIRPORT. Now that that's out of the way...

I didn't manage to take any photos of Windsor on the plane, but here we are in Grammy's car when we finally got to Dallas:

Grammy's house was full of new and elaborate toys, like this one:

On Christmas morning, Santa brought Windsor this gigantic sock-monkey-esque sock elephant:

Which he tussled with later in the day:

After a visit at my dad's, we headed home at the delightful hour of 5 am in order to get to the vet by noon to pick up Lulu. On the way home:

We hope you had a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This morning Windsor had tubes put in his ears. It was fairly non-traumatic -- which I did not expect.

Here's Windsor with his hospital gown on.

After about 15 minutes, our doctor came out to report that the procedure had gone fine and that there was way more fluid in his ears than she previously thought. She also added the delicious detail that it was thick and sticky -- she said he had "glue ear." Yum. She also said that Windsor has probably been hearing most of what we say as "wah wah wah" -- not unlike Miss Othmar, Charlie Brown's teacher.

We went back to recovery and Windsor was surprisingly quiet. Most kids scream their faces off at this point, but not our guy! We gave him a bottle and then he started crying a bit, but after a few minutes he fell asleep. When he woke up, we got dressed and headed home.

Windsor is in his bed now snoozing off his stressful morning. We're all glad the whole thing is over!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking News!

Here are some things:

1. We are in the process of getting new teeth and are therefore cranky. Not that you can tell that here:

2. On Tuesday -- hereby renamed Tubesday -- Windsor is getting tubes in his ears. It is a quick procedure done under a little light anesthesia and will do wonders for Sir's recurring ear infections. However, I hear that the hour after he wakes up will be pure hell on all of us, so I am trying to prepare myself now.

3. The shaking off of the anesthesia will probably be nothing compared to this, Windsor's bad night. Sir was tired and decided to rub peas into his eyes and hair. Good to know that peas work as a natural pomade, though.

Sir was not amused.

4. Windsor is cute.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Feet!

Check out the happiest monkey on the block with the happiest feet!