Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Windsor just had his second bath -- an unplanned bath that was necessary due to, uh, the state of his last diaper -- and it is possible that his mother might not have brought the appropriate number of towels into the kitchen with them, so when it came time to be dried off, all the Windsory towels were sopping wet, and so she wrapped him in a couple of kitchen towels. Really cute kitchen towels! My best kitchen towels. Still...the child was wrapped in kitchen towels. Oh, the shame.

Here's Winnie right after he survived his first bath, the one where we were more prepared.

Meet Windsor!

Hello, and welcome to Windsor's blog! Here you will be able to ooh and ahh over his signature hairdo (black, slick, popular with the ladies), his serious nature (a sign of his impending genius), and everything else he does that we find particularly adorable. It's just too bad that internet isn't set up for smells yet; this baby smells like cupcakes and/or rainbows.

For now, here is a picture of the little monkey from yesterday. He is thinking about ways to improve the quadratic equation here.