Saturday, September 19, 2009

Windsor the Builder.

Yes he can!

All the great builders these days operate without pants.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Windsor Update.

At 16 months, Windsor can say the following words:
woof woof (when seeing a dog or, uh, a cat)
quack quack
knock knock (while knocking on a door)
get down!!! (said with emphasis while standing on top of something he's not supposed to)
hee haw (this is what he says the monkeys say)
ding! (when you touch your index finger to his, you both say this)

He knows way more words than he can say, though: he will go find his shoes, socks, cup, or various toys upon request; he will close or open a drawer upon request (although he really prefers closing, i.e. slamming); he will run to get into his high chair if you ask if he's hungry or if he wants a snack; he will softly pat Lulu or Pete if you tell him "soft touch" (we usually say this after he has pummeled one of them a few times).

He is very into sorting things these days. He will put all his tub toys on one side of the tub, then throw one to the other side and fuss at it for getting out of line. (I think this is hilarious.) He also still loves books, and will actually tolerate being read to on occasion (usually he grabs the book out of my hands and turns his back on me to read in private).

The stupid yippy dog next door has woken him up a whopping 10 minutes into his nap, and right now I hear him saying "woof woof" to himself in his room. That's cute, but I'm thinking of murdering the dog.