Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Photos.

Check out this beach bunny in his 1920s bathing costume:

Can you find the happy swinging baby in this photo?

It is a challenge to get Smily McWriggles-a-Lot into his pajamas sometimes:

Perhaps it's because there are so many cool things to look at. This was my Sesame Street musical thingy when I was little:

He is also fond of turning off the light (note new Andy Warhol Elvis switch plate), but is not so good at turning it on again:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photos, Stories.

Usually when I wash Windsor's hair, he goes to bed with it wet -- resulting in the sometimes insanely huge pompadour he often has. One day a few weeks ago, he needed a bath in the morning (don't ask!) and so I got to see the hair air-dry. The curls! Of course, my camera is cruddy, but hopefully you can see how awesome his 50s doo-wop curl is up front:

The other day Windsor was busy in the bathroom playing with his tub toys in the middle of the day. I heard them all hit the tub as he tossed them in. Then I heard crying. Somehow he'd tossed himself in there too but was apparently confused about how it happened. He got over it and played in there for almost half an hour (if you apply the Standard Toddler Conversion, this is approximately 4 hours):

Windsor didn't get to meet his great-grandmother Dot, but she would be so happy to see that he is enjoying the rocking chair she gave us:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More to Come, Promise.

I have TONS of pictures of Windsor, but no easy way to get them up here. In the meantime, enjoy these two!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Windsor Update.

Hey! What's Windsor been up to lately?


Wrasslin' with Lulu (his favorite game! NOT Lulu's favorite).

Be sure and claw her eyes out, Windsor. Dogs love it when you do that.

Look, they're spooning!

That looks comfortable.

Throwing stuff out of his crib.

SO MUCH STUFF. Note to new parents: your baby shouldn't have this much stuff in his or her crib.

And eating raisin toast with peanut butter bananas. He has stopped jamming whole bananas in his mouth and now prefers the more delicate slices. Note Windsor's pal in the background hunting for crumbs.