Friday, January 14, 2011

I Told You I Would Post Again Soon.

We had sooo many nice Christmases this year. First there was Aunt Cheryle's Christmas, which we may or may not have celebrated the moment the packages arrived (but at least we pretended we waited). That haul included lots and lots and lots of cool toys, including the cat piano, which he loves. Then Mimi and Poppy came and that was big fun; Windsor got lots of dinosaur stuff AND a really cool train table! Then we had family Christmas, just the three of us, where Windsor got more loot, including this drum.

Then we went to see Grammy and Willie on Christmas eve, and on Christmas morning, Windsor discovered Santa had left him some cowboy boots!

Then we opened MORE presents, including this talking backpack.

Then we went to Pawpaw and Nana's house.

Windsor ran around in the leaves a lot. Good thing he had those boots on!

He had been talking about Pawpaw's tractor for weeks, but then refused to ride it or even sit on it. Until I said, "Windsor, DO NOT get on Pawpaw's tractor."

Whew! We're all caught up!

Let's Play Catch-Up.

Oh, hello!

Presented with limited comments, I give you "Hey Windsor, Whatcha Been Doing?"

Ate some ice cream.

Put a colander on my head, which made me the life of the party.

Went to the zoo, stuck my head in a hole.

Went swinging with Baby Wolf.

Took a ride, country-style.

Hid behind a tree.

Made a new friend.

Carried a big fork.

Sat on a tractor.

Showed Mommy how desperate I was to get into the bathroom with her while she was having a bath.

Hit some bushes with a big stick.

Sat on a thing at the park.

Met a friend for a drink.

Played my new cat piano in my underwear.

Got some trains.

Packed my bags.

Watched a movie (thanks, Uncle Todd!).

Played Scrabble.

Stood on a thing.

Watched some tv with friends.

Hung out with Bert.

Whew! More photos to come soon. No, really. I promise.